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Slate Construction LLC provides a wide range of construction services for projects of varying scope, budget, schedule and complexity. Time and time again, the success of our projects comes from collaborative and excellent relationships we create with our clients, architects, designers and subcontractors. For each projects, teams are able to establish common goals upfront that allows each partner to perform at their best. Our "can do" attitude, combined with the experience and skills of our team members, helps empower us to consistently deliver outstanding results.


In the end it’s all about the results - how a construction project meets your needs and expectations.

No two projects are alike, neither are the objectives of our clients. We start each project with an investigation of what you want to achieve. Then we bring together the resources to help you achieve the desired result. We continuously monitor progress according to your expectations and our strict criteria.

For each project we develop a team with the specific expertise needed to get your job done. Our team includes project managers, permit expediters, site supervisors, skilled trades and suppliers who work closely with our client’s teams. It’s this chemistry that produces results. We ask questions. We do research. We present strategic options. We use innovative communication technology so that the team can solve day to day problems in real time from any location. By drawing on the strengths of each team member, we achieve a smooth process, from planning to construction occupancy.

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