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  Slate Construction LLC: Experienced  Professionals, Reliable Services ,Quick Response.
One Company for All Commercial Building services

What We Offer
Slate Construction LLC  building services group offers general maintenance, light construction and repair work. Our years of project management experience provide you with a variety of building services backed by a trusted name in the construction industry. Our partnerships with professionals in every field help us ensure that your project will be completed with the consistent level of quality that our clients have come to expect.

  VALUE. Years of experience with the most efficient professionals in the business allow us to provide you with our competitive pricing.
CONVENIENCE. Flexible access and considerate execution allow for completion of your job with minimal disruption to occupied spaces.
RELIABILITY. We have earned the trust of corporations and property managers to be the maintenance and service provider they rely on.

SPECIALIZED SERVICE. Our skilled tradesmen have the specialized knowledge, equipment and products to guarantee an expert product

CUSTOMIZED CARE. Flexible scheduling, or whatever else your needs may be, your project always comes first.


Our Services
Slate Construction LLC Building Services teams provide prompt, efficient building maintenance, general construction and repair work. We provide a full range of capabilities from quick repairs to regular maintenance to restoration work. We guarantee our product and provide instant response and clean, quiet, considerate execution of all your facility needs.

  What to Do Now
Trust Slate Construction LLC Building Services group to coordinate your building maintenance, light construction and emergency service projects. Let our expert team of dependable, dedicated tradesmen provide the quality work you expect for any size project at affordable rates. We offer a variety of arrangements, including unit pricing, time-and-material open books and yearly service contracts.

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